Robotic Process Automation is the use of software with AI (Artificial Intelligence) to handle repeatable tasks and high volumes that are performed by humans. It is automating business processes with software rather than people. In a typical office environment, most of the repeated tasks are performed by people interacting with multiple applications. So, just like a manufacturing process is executed by robots now a days carrying out a specific step at a specific time, why can’t business processes involving repeated steps can be completed using software robots?

The applicability and usage of RPA tools in today’s business is far and wide, whether it’s to embark on automation journey towards greater process efficiency, delivering architectural imperatives of avoiding tech debts while avoiding swivel chair operations to keep legacy systems up to date with real time information or to combine RPA with BPM, AI and integration technologies to delivery digital transformation powered by digital workforce.

RPA’s low implementation cost combined with faster and easier implementation makes it an ideal tool for achieving any organisation’s process excellence goals.

If you wish to discuss a strategy for digitizing workforce, establishing best tools and architecture for RPA enablement, starting your journey towards making your organisation a lean six sigma organisation or implementing a overarching digital transformation strategy and roadmap, contact us and we will work together to come up with a model delivering most valuable outcome for you.