Augmented Reality is without a doubt one of the most exciting technologies out there now. Unlike Virtual Reality, it’s more gaming-orientated cousin, Augmented Reality is finding a more practical place in the business world offering creative solutions to physical-world barriers.

Augmented Reality (AR) takes real world environments and enhances them with digitally embedded content. The result is a more engaging and instructive environment that the user can control and receive information from. The term Mixed Reality (MR) falls under this umbrella as well but emphasises more on the visual interaction between virtual objects and the physical environment.

Product Sampling:

For products where aesthetics is the main appeal, AR can offer the user a ‘try-before-you-buy’ experience such as IKEA’s Place app which projects furniture ideas into to any living room or L’Oréal’s MakeupGenius which allows the user to sample their live image with thousands of makeup combination. The possibilities here are only limited by the products available.

Support Servicing:

AR technology can help support services by identifying complex objects in the visual field and offering solutions. Whether it’s an engineer fault-finding intricate machinery or medical practitioner examining human anatomy, AR can introduce a virtual assistant in every instance resulting in quicker and more accurate analyses.

Marketing Opportunities:

AR is changing the media landscape by bringing the world to life around us. Movie posters can come to life or magazine ads can be transformed into interactive catalogues. GPS can be utilised to drive treasure hunt with hidden secrets only accessible through the virtual window, opening up a whole new medium for advertising as well as driving foot traffic to areas of interest.

The Personal Experience:

In an age when practically everything can be done without leaving the front door, businesses are pining for ways to stay in touch with their customers. The sensory and emotional engagement of AR bridges that gap. It invites the user to an interactive experience which is more meaningful and personal.

If you would like to learn what AR experience work best for your organisation, like to work out the use cases, decide upon the best AR platforms, please get in touch and we will set up a session to work with you to build your AR strategy, architecture and enablement of the same.