Gone are the good old days when technology was monopoly of a handful of players and the competing options were far and few with and that too without any discernible difference. Platform/COE/Practice/governance framework establishment was hardly a complex task then as there were a plethora of templates available everywhere. Not the case anymore…

With a new technology trend, let alone a product, born every month and add to that a myriad of new delivery methodologies aka Agile, Scrum, SAFE, DevOps establishing a delivery and governance framework for every new product on boarded in the organisation has become quite a complex task. Choosing the right product and setting the right Architecture is only half the battle, the other half of the battle is in establishing the right governance framework, ensuring proper change management – strong but used only when needed, choosing right organisation model including self-serv for end users, enabling appropriate security and access controls, enabling reusability and plug and play, establishing suitable estimation model, ensuring scalability, opening a strong channel with the product vendor to ensure currency and relevance….and the list goes on. It truly has become a complex and a specialist’s task.

If you have recently procured a new product or are in the process of procuring one and believe there is merit in having a chat on the topic or simply need assistance in delivery and implementation of some of these newer technologies or methodologies, please do contact us and our consultants with experience covering the entire spectrum, from old behemoth technologies to the bleeding edge ones, will be more than happy to have an initial chat.